Theft of Eminence

When your society is vertically segregated, you spend a lot of time looking up, so office drone Marloe doesn’t think twice when he’s given the chance to visit those upper Elevations and sample all they have to offer. The only catch? His new benefactor expects him to steal the most valuable item ever constructed in the factories of Eminence. Luckily a new ability may give Marloe the chance to see the problem from a different perspective.

Status: first draft in progress


A disagreement among brothers is never unusual, but a disagreement about how to rule their kingdom could drive a rift between them that not even their best mages could rectify. The people are spoiling for war, the Deabru are returning, a threat beyond their comprehension is waiting eagerly for the first sign of division, and this is only the beginning.

Status: plotting & preparations

Beyond Pansapia

These books are not part of the Pansapia universe, but they are written and produced by us.


Dr. Yazmin Hollings has spent her life creating a new breed of plant to act as a food source for people who can’t afford the extortionate prices of the megacorps. Unfortunately for her, the megacorps aren’t too happy about this.

Status: first draft in progress