Darkness approaches. Bring your light.

The Pansapia Creative is a collaboration between J.L. Price (James) and T.H. Willoughby (Tom). Its primary purpose is to incubate and hatch a universe, Pansapia, which contains many stories, many wisdoms, and many perspectives. Pansapia has lived patiently in our brains for over two decades, waiting for us to acquire the skill and passion required to release it out into the world.

Pansapia content will take many different forms – books, graphic novels, animation, video, interactive experiences, and more. Whether you consume everything we release or just follow one or two channels, we know you’ll find something to love.

In our newsletter, we’ll keep you updated three or four times a year with information about all of the latest content – including sneak peaks of unannounced upcoming projects. For day-to-day updates, you can follow us on twitter or catch up on our blog.